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Album review: SUPERFIX – Superfix


Self Release ( Release date – 20.06.14)

Superfix were formed by guitarist Eli Rubin in Simi Valley, California a few years ago. The band underwent a few line up and musical changes before entering the studio in 2012 to record this, their debut album. The album took a year to record and finally saw the light of day in 2014 but it was well worth the effort and the prolonged wait.

The band describe themselves as ‘supercharged metal/ hard rock’ which is fair in part but the band are far from straight forward. Listening to the album you can tell they had difficulty settling on a musical format as there is a mix of metal, classic rock, prog and alt rock throughout the album but the band manage to make it all sound seamless.

‘Never Change’ opens the album with a Tool/ Korn like melody and the first thing that strikes you is how polished the sound is. The playing on all tracks is first rate are as the vocals provided by Kalen Chase, a one-time touring member of Korn. He has the ability to change from clear vocals to scream with ease and impresses throughout.

‘Run’ and ‘The Lion’s Share’ continue in the same heavy and melodic vein, ‘The Dream’ heads into Linkin Park territory especially on the chorus. Other songs of note are ‘Invasion’ which is built on a great riff from Eli Rubin and Jonas Blomqvist and ‘Soul Survivor’ which has a Jimmy Eat World vibe to it. The album ends on a high with ‘The Rider’ which is the heaviest track on the disc and proves that the band can do full on rock when the mood takes them.

This is a strong album from a talented band who have the ability to play a range of styles and be convincing in all. The guys are currently writing album number two and if they can build on this solid base then it should be one to look out for.



Review by Dave Wilson

Superfix - 'Superfix' (Self Released)
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Written by Ross Welford   
Monday, 08 December 2014 03:20


"Superfix is a supercharged hard rock band from Los Angeles with Kalen Chase (Korn) on vocals."


That pretty much tells you all you need to know about this band. Whilst I wouldn't exactly call Chase a member of Korn - he toured with them as a backing musician circa '06/'07 and also recorded a never released side project with Jonathan Davis (Sexual Gyrations Of The Universe) - I'm no doubt that the association will do them no harm at all.


This band produce energetic verses and rewarding choruses and Chase is a very decent vocalist who just adds to the quality of music on show. Superfix's influences are bands such as Deftones, Bullet For My Valentine and All That Remains - and you can definitely hear that in their impressive songs and this would no doubt appeal to all those fans without much effort. There's a big hint of Chester Bennington/Linkin Park, especially in a song such as the excellent 'The Dream' but there's plenty of their own individuality on show for them to be an impressive outfit on their own - and equaling the output of their influences without a doubt.


There's not one duff track on here and every song will quickly become a favourite - some hit you straight across the head whilst others breed and slowly get inside your brain to be discovered on the next listen. Their debut video track 'Invasion' is a perfect example of this - guns and bikinis in case you're interested in watching it...


In an age where bands identikit themselves to the point of boredom to the listener for the sake of shifting units (especially American bands) Superfix seem to have created the perfect response by producing an album. An old school album that dips and weaves, that smashes and seduces and one that is deserving of your attention.


Strangely compelling. I'm amazed they're not bigger.